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The Founders and the Story Behind OBC

About the Founders and How OBC Was Born

When Alisson was pregnant with her first baby, she and her husband moved across the country to Philadelphia, where they knew no one. As a former teacher with a Master’s degree, Alisson knew that though she could figure things out on her own, having mentors and peers would make parenting smoother. So she cobbled together her parenting village through friends she met in childbirth class and at a local breastfeeding support group. Those friends were invaluable to her in the early days and have continued to guide her well into the elementary school years.

Within hours of her daughter’s birth, Alisha was already searching online for answers to the multitude of questions those strange little newborns bring with them into the world. She soon realized that the Internet was full of unreliable information and she needed to find a trusted source. She turned to her friend and childbirth educator, Alisson, who was already three kids deep and a vital source of knowledge and experience. Alisson became Alisha’s mentor, full of answers and tips to make parenting babies easier. Fast forward a few years and several kids later, Alisha became a mentor to many of her friends just starting to have children and to her doula clients once their babies arrived.

Over family pizza in early 2014, with Alisson’s four kids and Alisha’s two running about (she has since had number three!), both women were lamenting “wouldn’t it be nice if every new parent had access to a mentor and a trusted village?” Eureka! That night, Our Baby Class was born.

Alisha and Alisson have been to the local mom groups, they’ve participated in online discussions and message boards, read the books, read the books that said the opposite of the first set of books, but most importantly, with seven kids between them, they have been there. The OBC curriculum is not written by Ph.D.s in early childhood education or by pediatricians. It’s written by real moms with real experiences; ones who have made the mistakes, experienced the struggles, learned from them, and gotten better at all things baby. There’s no more need to feel alone on this journey, or rely only on the Internet and its conflicting tips. OBC brings you real mentors, a simple and intuitive approach to parenting, and creates that trusted village we all want and need.