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Why Become an Our Baby Class Teacher

Mentor new parents and guide them through their parenting journey.
If you are thinking about becoming an OBC teacher, you are already the kind of person that friends and family turn to for parenting advice. You’ve probably connected via social media with old friends and found that you spend time talking about how to make nap time go more smoothly or you offer tips that helped you through the early days of nursing and sleep deprivation. Given all that you have learned as a parent, wouldn’t it be nice to pass this information on and share it with lots of new families? Being an OBC teacher allows you to mentor new parents and help make their parenthood journey as smooth as possible.

Create the village that is missing in your community.
Becoming a new parent is hard, and it can be especially hard when you don’t have peers that are going through the same things as you. Our Baby Class creates that missing village, bringing together families in your community with babies around the same age. As an OBC teacher, you encourage your students to get to know one another through shared goals and emotions, and then continue those friendships in coffee shops and at playgrounds in the months and years to come.

Choose your schedule. Be your own boss.
As an OBC teacher, you are able to set your own class schedule and workload, allowing you flexibility based on your family’s needs. If your children are in school, you can easily hold the core classes in your home or a community center one morning a week. If you work, maybe a weekend morning is the best time for you to teach. Specialty classes, which are held less often, can be taught in the evenings or on a weekend, whatever best fits your schedule.

Earn extra income.
OBC teachers have high earning potential. Whether it’s to help cover the household expenses, save up for education costs, or put away for a nice vacation each year, the money you can make as an OBC teacher can be a substantial contribution to your household income.

Keep up to date on current research and ensure parents in your community do the same.
Parenting advice changes with time and some things that were once considered the best way to do things are now considered antiquated. As an OBC teacher, you will help ensure the babies of your community are being raised with the most up-to-date recommendations in the safest possible way.

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