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Teacher FAQ

Why become an Our Baby Class teacher?

Being an OBC teacher is the best way to become a mentor to new families in your community; you are a trusted source of guidance and advice during an often lonely and difficult time. You provide evidence-based information, support classes, and a sense of camaraderie to new moms and dads that cannot be found anywhere else. Not only that, but OBC teachers are business owners with complete flexibility, setting their own schedules and prices. You are able to earn enough to cover everything from birthday gifts to a nice vacation each year or even family education costs. Read more about why becoming an OBC teacher might be the right path for you. 

What if I haven’t experienced everything I’m expected to teach in an OBC class?

That is OK! We know that not everyone has returned to work or breastfed, for example, but that’s why every OBC teacher goes through an intensive training where you are fully educated on the OBC curriculum and how to teach it. Personal experience can be great, but there is no doubt you will be equipped to instruct our lessons and offer support and guidance even if you haven’t experienced everything yourself.

How much money will I make as an OBC teacher?

Depending on where you live, we suggest you charge $100-$175 per student for the Four Core class series and $25-50 per student for the Better Baby Class and each Specialty Class. You can teach as little or as often as you like, so the sky is the limit with how much you can earn teaching OBC classes.

What would my teaching schedule be like?

It’s totally up to you! Some teachers offer sets of the Four Core classes on four specific dates; others offer the Four Core classes at the same time each week on a rotating basis. Have children in preschool or school-aged children? Perfect. Offer your OBC classes while they are at school one morning a week. Work full-time? That’s OK too. Offer your classes in the evening or on a weekend. As an OBC teacher, you get to choose which classes you want to teach and when and how often you want to teach them.

What if I already (or plan to) do work in a complementary field?

Being a doula, pre- or post-natal yoga teacher, childbirth educator, lactation educator, babywearing expert or another “baby-related” professional can be a great way to use your OBC client base and expand into other territories (and vice versa). As long as while you are teaching OBC classes you are only teaching OBC material for the full two hours, we feel that having a larger repertoire of services can only benefit everyone.

How will I find students?

All OBC teachers have access to professionally-designed marketing materials (business cards, flyers, promotional materials, swag, and other fun items), a personal teacher webpage, and an OBC email address. Every class is searchable via our website. During training we discuss the best ways to market your classes, find your students, and make connections with other birth and baby professionals in your area. Our Baby Class LLC also sends interested students to teachers when we are contacted. 

How do I become an OBC teacher?

Becoming a teacher is simple! Once you email us at mail to: info@ourbabyclass.com we will send you a full information packet that includes a teacher application. Once you are accepted, you will receive pre-training prep materials including some required reading. Then at training you will get an intensive weekend-long instruction immersing you in our in-depth OBC curriculum. We will cover all of parenting’s most challenging topics and how to go back home to teach/mentor within your community. We have no extra requirements after the training, so once your training is complete, you will officially be an OBC-certified instructor and can begin teaching right away!

What are the teacher trainings like?

OBC teacher trainings are deeply educational…and fun! Trainings take place over two days, on a weekend. You will learn all about OBC and our mission. We will delve into each lesson plan, reviewing the content, the research behind it, and the best ways to teach it to your students. We will guide you through different teaching practices and ensure you feel comfortable with each detail of every lesson before the training is over. We will also explore best practices for running your new business from how to market it, to how to create your webpage on ourbabyclass.com, to how to set your prices. We will also get to know each other. OBC trainings include time to chat with your fellow OBC teachers, and play games and participate in activities that will make the days fly by.

What if I can't attend a training in person?

We now offer an online training course for the Better Baby Class! Once you complete the training, you will be able to begin teaching right away.

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